Real food, real people


While studying abroad, Michalis’s inability to produce anything edible proved one of his greatest daily problems. Inspired by the array of collaborative communities he returned to Athens and teamed up with his childhood friend, Petros, determined to build a solution.

Founded in 2013 Cookisto is a trusted community marketplace for homemade food. It is here that hungry foodies find personalised, delicious and healthy homemade food prepared by talented home cooks.

Whether you can’t cook, don’t have time to cook or miss the traditional delicacies of your mother’s kitchen; or you’re able to effortlessly prepare mouth-watering meals Cookisto is for you.

At Cookisto we believe in a balanced diet, the art of cooking and above all in an open, creative, collaborative community!

Who are Cookistas?

Foodies who:

  • Can’t, won’t or don’t know how to cook
  • Enjoy fresh, healthy food using local ingredients
  • Need an amazing cook for a special occasion


Home Cooks who:

  • Want to share their fantastic homecooked food
  • Earn some money doing what they love